Friday, February 24, 2012

So THAT Explains It: OB Appointment Update

Hey Humble Readers...

Thank you all for putting up with my freak out yesterday.  The fears and worries are still there, but they seem to be at a dull roar today. 

So, I had an appointment with Dr. W this morning.  I found her much more personable today, which was reassuring.  Several outcomes from today's appointment...
  • Halfling 2.0 is still sitting transverse.  Not a big deal, but should be turning soon.
  • 24 hr urine collection showed a slight elevation in protiens, but nothing to be concerned about
  • Had blood in my urine today.  Need to go for a test to see if I have another kidney infection (I think I do have one)
  • C-section is planned for May 10th.  I signed the paperwork and everything.  With delivering at 38 weeks, there is a possibility that the baby may need to be in the Special Care Nursery for a couple of days, particularly if the baby is a boy (slower lung development). 
  • Bloodwork from last week showed that I have low iron.  This is likely why I have been so blasted tired for the past few weeks.  Rx'd iron pills and stool softeners. 
  • Next appointment will be on the L&D floor at the hospital, for an NST
So all in all, a good appointment.  My weight stayed fairly steady (thank heaven!  Especially given how hungry I've been recently) and my blood pressure was good, so the move to lowering my HBP meds was a good one. 

I'm so glad to know that there is a reason why I have been so tired, but not feeling like I'm getting any rest.  Seriously, I've been back to falling asleep at 8pm, and then sleeping through the night, and waking up in a fog.  I guess I'm not such a lazy slug after all.

The only thing that she didn't ask about was my blood sugars, but they have been pretty well controlled over the last couple of weeks.  I think I may need an insulin increase in the next few days, but I'm going to wait and see the outcome of this whole possible kidney infection situation. 


  1. As a larger gal, if I ever do get pregnant, I worry about how my weight may effect the pregnancy... and delivery. Most specifically, GAINING weight over the course of the pregnancy. You give me great hope, CONGRATS on keeping a steady weight. I know what that means and how hard that can be! And I'm glad you were able to find some comfort in your visit to the doctors :)

  2. I really hope the iron cures the sleepies (at least a little bit) and I'm so sorry you are still dealing with all the fears. {{{Hugs}}}

  3. Hope the halfling turns soon! I often wonder how mine is hanging out in there. I try and feel around to see if I can guess how he his. For sure he hasn't dropped yet because he's up under my ribs and they keep getting a numb/tingling feeling. :s Here's to hoping their on helps! I'm sure it will. Glad your sugars are food, mine are fluctuatuing......have my appt on Monday so we shall see!! May 10 - so crazy to know the exact date huh???


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