Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Week 22: Hibernating

H\owdy Humble Readers...

I hope you're all keeping warm wherever you are.  It is, to quote my mother, snappin' a**holes cold around here.  When my Beloved left for work this morning at 8:30, with the windchill, it was -46C.  At that temp, exposed skin freezes in about five minutes.  Ugh!  Things are supposed to warm up by the weekend, thank Heaven.  If you look out our window right now, and look past the build up of ice around the edges, it actually looks very pretty.  Clear blue sky, fresh blanket of snow... if only the air wouldn't freeze your lungs at the first breath. 

One unfortunate effect of this cold snap is that Tilly the Toyota won't start.  I still wonder at the sense of selling a car on the Canadian prairies without a block heater, although I guess it's the new trend.  We called AMA yesterday and had them come and give us a boost, and I let the car run for more than a half hour, but twenty minutes after I shut it off, it wouldn't start again.  My Beloved is just going to have to bum rides to work for the next few days until it warms up I guess. 

Ginny has been happy as a clam, these past few days, to just snuggle up on the couch with her favourite stuffed dog or playing with the cake pans she can get at in the kitchen.  She also loves blowing on the patio window and seeing her breath fog up the glass.  She's developed a fondness for chicken noodle soup (with lots of crackers).  Both she and I have been napping a bit more than usual, but she's just finished up another round of teething so I'm happy that she's getting lots of rest.

Anyway, onto the update...

How far along? 22w1d

Maternity clothes? Oh yeah.  There's no way I could get into my regular jeans now.

Body Oddities? dry skin, periods of extreme fatigue, alternating constipation and IBS flares, acne, bruises from insulin injections, back ache, cracking joints, super sore & slightly leaky boobs, increased earwax (happened last time too), dry/itchy eyes, leg cramps. NEW THIS WEEK: lots of round ligament pain

Sleep? Pretty good for the most part.  Have had a couple of rough nights, but I think that was more the cough and cold than anything pregnancy related.

Best moment this week? Sunday's epiphany was pretty awesome.

Worst moment? Finding out about my low lying placenta and getting myself freaked out about it..

Movement?  Still pretty random, but I think I feel a bit of a pattern emerging.  First thing in the morning, and in the evening the Halfling is pretty active.

Food cravings/aversions? Milk!  I can't seem to get enough, which is a problem as one cup has 12 grams of carbs in it.  Damn GD.

Rings? Still on, still loose

Gender? Still leaning toward girl.

Intense Dreams? I know I've been dreaming a lot, but I don't really remember any from the past week. 

Medical Concerns? Gestational Diabetes (insulin 5 times a day), High blood pressure (on 100mg of lobetalol 3x daily), continued heartburn (on 150mg of zan.tac 2x daily), kidney stones, low lying placenta.

What I miss? Sushi, iced tea (that doesn't taste like artificial sweetener), ice cream

What I look forward to? the end of this cold snap, getting a haircut

Emotional State? Pretty good actually, feeling content and not terribly stressed about anything.


  1. I have a co-worker that just bought a car without a block heater. He drove it home yesterday, and of course this morning it would not start. He asked about it at time of purchase and was told he did not need it because of the synthetic fuel? WTF, this is AB where we usually get a week of -30 if not -40 - you need a block heater, eh. (sorry that you do not have one)

    Stay warm.

  2. Glad you're surviving the cold temps! We are just barely over here. Loki can barely go outside to pee! Book to the no block heater, that's ridiculous! Hope your week continues to go well.

  3. There are times I am so glad to have been from the west coast and right now I'm glad not to be around there at all. i might be farther North now, but thankfully the Gulf Stream means things are cold here but far more mild than back home. Hope you're staying warm! Can't believe you're at 22 weeks!

  4. HOLY CRAP I cannot fathom how cold it gets where you live! My 23 years in Ohio don't compare to the brrrrr you are living through!

    Glad you things continue to progress well with your pregnancy and that Ginny is also doing super. <3

  5. Hello from ICLW!

    Brrr! Hope you continue to stay warm! Glad to hear everything is progressing well with your pregnancy! I will be following along!

  6. WOW! I can't imagine being that cold!

    I know I'm a little late, but congratulations on your pregnancy! I hope everything continues to go smoothly for you!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Happy ICLW!


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