Sunday, November 27, 2011

Ginevra @ 1 Year

Good Evening Humble Readers...

I know that I have made much of Ginny's impending birthday, but it is a huge moment in time for us, and I want to capture it as completely as possible. 

Outta my way, Daddy... I got places to go!
As of 8:42 tonight, our girl has been with us for a full year.  Sadly, she wasn't able to mark the moment with us because she crashed very early due to a lack of napping and a lot of teething pain (doctored with a bit of tylenol).

She loves squeezing into little spaces.
This month has been another busy month for our wee sweet girl.  Discovering that she could stand up on her own, without having to pull herself up on a piece of furniture, was a big thing.  She walks all over the place when she's at home or somewhere where she's comfortable.  She HATES her shoes, and isn't a big fan of the pseudo ski-mask (covers her whole head and neck, but the face is open).  Mittens are also an interesting experience. 

Did I do that?
Cutting her third tooth (her first on the top) led to some angst and a lot of snot.  But she's very proud of her new tooth and loves to show it off.  Its next door neighbour is going to be showing up soon. 

Look at my teeth!!
Ginny loves her food.  New favourites are grilled cheese sandwiches and peanut butter sandwiches (both cut up into managable pieces).  She also loves macaroni with meat sauce, and of course her mashed potatoes.  She's completely done with the bottle, and loves her sippy/straw cups.  She's been off formula for almost a full month now, and made the transition to milk easily.  She also really loves to drink out of my water bottle. 

She's been super snuggly this month... cuddling with Daddy
Her favourite animal has changed from 'puppeeee' to 'beh' (bear).  She still adores her favourite celebrity german shepherd (The Littlest Hobo), but more than anything she lurves bears, polar bears especially.  It's to the point where she calls all four legged animals bears, even the elephants in her nursery.  Her best moment of this past week was catching a glimpse of the National Dog Show on tv, and seeing the old english sheepdog... she was actually a little confused.  Is it a bear?  Is it a puppy?  It was quite amusing.

Whoa... things look funny from down here!
She's also becoming very aware of herself as a person.  She's obsessed with the little photoalbums we have around the house with pics of her.  She will point to a pic of herself, and then pound on her chest.  'Baby' is her clearest word, and when we ask her where the baby is, she immediately looks around for the pics of herself and then points to her chest. 

I don't need no stinking toys!  Boxes are where it's at!
I don't have her stats, but she has gained a little bit of weight, and judging by how her pants are fitting, she's getting taller too.  She's got huge feet... she's already outgrowing the size three shoes we got for her this fall.  Methinks she is going to be more entish than hobbitish. 
Two days old... We've come a long way baby!
Coming tomorrow... only a year late... the birth story.

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