Wednesday, November 23, 2011

And Now For Something Completely Different

Hey Humble Readers...

This is going to sound like a commercial or something, but I'm pretty excited about a decision/purchase I made today.  Even though I won't actually get to see it for another year. 

There's a company here in Canada (I believe they are connected with a parent company in the UK) that puts together these incredible grocery packages for Christmas.  You choose whichever package suits your needs and your budget, place your order, and then pay a small amount* every week until mid October.  Your package is delivered to your home in late November/early December.

Each package includes your turkey or ham, an assortment of all kinds of snacks and sides, desserts, and beverages.  All name brand products.  A lot of things that wouldn't be in the budget if we had to pay for it all in December, on top of all the other holiday season expenses. 

I'm looking forward to getting our shipment next year, knowing that a huge chunk of our holiday grocery bill has already been taken care of.  All I'll really need to shop for is fresh produce and dairy products. 

*my American readers may be a little surprised at what I consider a "small amount".  Pretty much everything costs more in Canada, across the board, but grocery prices are on the ridiculous side.  Yes, if I shopped the sales, went to several different stores, and managed to find coupons for the items I wanted, I might be able to save more than what this program offers, but I'm thinking ahead to life with one car and two wee ones.  Saving time and aggravation is worth something to me. 

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