Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bloggity Summer Camp: My Birthday

Howdy Humble Readers...

It's been a long sunshiny day here on the flatland.  And I'm not complaining!  Tomorrow it's supposed to get into the upper 20s or maybe even low 30s for us here.  (That would be the upper 80s for you fahrenheit folks).  That's a bit warm for my taste, but I'll take it!

Today at our awesome Bloggity Summer Camp, Camp Director Calliope has asked...

"What do you prefer to do on your birthday?"

Hmmm... Honestly, I don't really have a particular preference.  I don't have a favourite restaurant or something that I simply must do on my birthday.  I do like to have a quiet day, with family and a few friends.  Sleeping in is a nice thing, and a nice dinner, maybe at somewhere new.  But really, so long as I have someone to say 'Happy Birthday' to me, someone who recognizes that this is a special day for me, that's all I need.

My birthdays haven't always been fun days for me.  There's a history of angst and turmoil around my birthday (My half birthday has always been so much better).  My birthday is in September, and it always seems to be a time of transition and change.  Some of these changes haven't been the easiest to get through, so if I can have a mellow day I am super thankful. 

If I can just have a quiet day, and maybe a little chocolate cake... that's all I need.

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