Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bloggity Summer Camp: Bloggers Vs. The World, Wardrobe Edition

Good Evening Humble Readers...

Today has been an utter waste, as I ended up being completely exhausted from yesterday's adventures.  Beloved and I headed down to the Big City mid afternoon, and parked at one of the LRT stations in order to avoid Stampede parking downtown.  We got to the fair grounds by about 5:30, wandered around for a bit and then had dinner.

You all know that we are under some budgetary constraints, so we haven't eaten out much at all and in the last three months I can count on one hand the number of times I have had fast food.  Well, let me tell you, all that greasy fair food made me feel gross.  I confess it tasted good at the time (half a bloomin' onion, an italian sausage with peppers, and some poutine... I'm gagging now just thinking about it!) but man did I feel awful for about an hour. 

Thankfully, I was feeling much better by the time the concert started.  As usual, one opening act sucked but the other was great... it was the guy who plays the teacher on  He was a blast.  Finally, the main event started and it was FRICKIN' AWESOME!  I had such a good time and danced and screamed until I lost my voice.  My Beloved thought I was nuts, but it was so much fun.  I know that it's going to sound cheesy, but listening to them (NKOTBSB) totally takes me back and suddenly I'm 16 again.  Except that Donnie Wahlberg is just sooooo much hotter now... *drool*

Getting out of the Stampede grounds was a nightmare, and it took an hour from the time we left the concert to get back to our car.  From there it was another hour and a quarter before we were home.  It was almost 2am and I totally wasted today being a slug. 

Okay... anyway... Back at Bloggity Summer Camp.  Our Camp Director, Calliope from Creating Motherhood has asked, "How do you typically dress to run errands? Do you think bloggers dress better or worse than “regular people”?"

I was going to say that I dress pretty much the same all the time.  I have my occasional sloppy days, but mostly I just wear comfortable casual clothes... jeans, capris, tees, etc.  Today, however was a bad example.  I had to run to Wa.lmart after dinner, and it wasn't until I was actually leaving the store that I realize that I had both formula and spaghetti sauce all over my shirt. 

I don't think that bloggers dress any differently than anyone else.  We're all normal people, living our lives, and that's just the way it is.  What do you think?


  1. What an interesting question. I honestly don't know. I do think that since I started being a stay-at-home wife, my level of "dress up" and decreased. Whereas I used to wear slacks/skirt/blouse on a regular basis, I'm now pretty used to yoga pants and a tee shirt. If I'm going out, I try to at least get some mascara on.

  2. Oh, oh, oh oh, the right stuff!! :) Sounds like a fun night even if it was busy and rushed! Gotta love all the childhood memories that brings back hey??

  3. A) I'm so jealous. I have been wanting to see NKTOB again for 20 years. 20 YEARS!

    B) I dress like ass at home. Am currently wearing t-shirt with lunch, snot, and something else (appears to be blood or chocolate, though I don't recall being near either today) on it with yoga pants (that I slept in). No bra, no makeup, hair barely brushed. When I go out I typically wear what used to be my everyday clothes for work (capri's/jeans/khaki's with a casual top) and at least a swipe of mascara and some lip gloss. I don't think being a blogger really has anything to do with wardrobe choices, though. I more consider easy access to boobs and most likely to conceal the inevitable smudge of "something" than anything else when picking out clothes...


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