Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ginevra @ Five Months

Hey Humble Readers!

I cannot believe that our wee little girl is already five months old.  I know I say it every time I write one of these posts, but how is this possible?  Where has the time gone?

Yummy fingers!
She's almost 15 pounds now, and solidly in her 6 month wardrobe.  Not much of the 3-6 month stuff fits any more.  We have to do some shopping for her because the majority of what we were given for 6 months was winter clothes and won't work now. 

She has had an extreme turnaround in how she views tummy-time.  Where she used to scream and cry when we put her on her tummy, now she loves it.  She still hasn't gotten the whole rolling over thing yet, but she's getting there.  She will often turn onto her side, but just not go all the way over.  I will confess that I felt the competitive mommy come out a couple of weeks ago, when we were visiting little Thor and he was rolling from his tummy to his back like a pro at only 3 months old (and this with him being a preemie).  She can sit for a few minutes at a time, but she tends to tip over forward if she's left sitting for too long. 

Hanging out with Gramma
Her schedule is ever evolving.  She wakes between 7 & 8 most mornings, eats, naps for anywhere from 20 minutes to 3 hours... then wakes, eats, plays, and naps again.  She has her fussy time right around when we eat dinner, of course, but she's usually dopey by 7:30 and asleep by 8.  We get her up at around 11pm just for a diaper change and a small bottle to hold her through the night.  Some days she'll sleep for hours at a time, and other days she has a multitude of short little cat naps.  It makes planning pretty much anything a challenge, but that's life as a mom, right?

Asleep in a sunbeam
The biggest development this month has been the emergence of her personality.  It's always been there a bit, but honestly in the last few weeks she has really come into her own.  She makes the funniest faces... her most recent one is a crazy gorilla type face with her nose scrunched up and her lips puckered.  Hilarious!  She's become so much more aware of her surroundings, including us, and how she can have an impact on those around her. 

Blowing bubbles on Easter
Hopefully the next month won't go by as fast as the last few have.  Rolling over, sitting up, and eating solids are all on the horizon... things that big girls do. 


  1. OhMyGosh, she is so gorgeous! Has it really been 5 months already?

  2. Oh my goodness she is SO sweet! I just want to squeeze her little cheeks and feel all that hair! Hope that isn't creepy :)

    I feel competitive sometimes too. I'm glad that Ruby is the only kid in our group in her current age range otherwise I'd really feel it!

  3. Big beautiful eyes!

    J rolled over at 11 weeks. His sister Miss E is now about 11 weeks, and yeah- no. I can't help but wonder "what is going on?" Truth is, every kid does their own thing at their own pace. I'll bet you Genevra can do some things at this age that her little friend can't. Our daughter is clapping her hands (actually fists) and imitating sounds more now than her brother did. Just means he'll kick her butt in sports and she's probably kick his butt in art or languages.

  4. I can't believe it either! She is sooo cute, I honestly think she is cuter than some of the baby models you see :) solids are AWESOME! I loved making her meals and it helped DD to nap well during the day! Hope your little miss loves them. Thanks 4 your comment also, take care friend xxoo

  5. Just stunning - how clever are you, making such a delightful little girl? :) xxx

  6. Holy crap, tell time to slow down! My guy is 6.5 weeks, and I'm freaking. And still waiting for an awake smile. She will hit her mile markers :) My niece is 8 months and just started creeping (backwards) a couple weeks ago. She is so beautiful, lady. Keep enjoying her :)

  7. Absolutely adorable! Is it weird that she looks so much like my niece it's a little scary?

    Try not to allow yourself to compare her to any other kid-os, and even those stupid "milestones". More and more, researchers are throwing those out and say that as long as they are progressing in something, than the other things will catch up eventually. And a kid who rolls over at 3 months is no more likely to be a genius than a child who rolls over at 6, 8 or 12 months.

  8. I knew I hadn't visited my favorite blogs in a while, but - five months?! The last time I was here she'd just been born. OMG she's such a beautiful Litter Person!!!


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