Saturday, November 6, 2010

Blog Challenge Day 17: A Work of Art & Some Pathetic Whining

Hey Humble Readers!  I hope you're having a great weekend!

Today's assignment for the Blog Challenge is to share a piece of artwork and what it means to you. 

Now, I don't consider myself 'artsy' but I do know what I like.  When we were in NYC last year, some of my favourite moments were in the many museums we visited.  I can't talk knowledgably about artists or their media.  I just know when something speaks to me. 

One of my absolute favourite pieces is a painting by John William Waterhouse called "The Lady of Shalott"

courtesy of Google Images
I confess that I came to love this painting through a round-about means.  When I was 11 I read "Anne of Green Gables" for the first time.  Now, if you haven't read it (or at the very least, seen the movie), there is a very integral scene where Anne and her friends act out Tennyson's poem about Lancelot and the Lady, with near tragic (but comic) results.  Reading Anne led me to reading Tennyson, which then led to discovering the many different paintings that have illustrated it over the years. 

I have a large print of this painting framed over our bed.  I love the colours and the emotion depicted.  I don't know what else to say about it, except that I really really love it. 

Okay... so time for some pathetic whining.

My lower back and right hip have been extremely sore since the other day when I was doing that painting.  I was pretty lazy yesterday, and thought that I was doing better, just stiff.  Then I spent the morning at the mall, doing some much needed shopping, while Beloved was at a meeting at church.  It was only a couple of hours, but I ended up hobbling around the grocery store and ever since, I've been in a whole heck of a lot of pain.  I took a nap this afternoon, hoping that it would help me relax, but it still feels like I have a huge knot right in my big old derriere.  And it's not helping that the Halfling has dropped and it feels like he/she is wedged right where the sun don't shine. 


Remind me that I really really realy really really wanted this... please?


  1. Remember this pain postpartum when you're pulling maxipads out of the freezer!

    Seriously, having a baby is hard work, for a lot of us from trying to conceive onwards. We all have the aches and pains, the grossness, the things you never thought you'd see and do... But it is so so so worth it. If it weren't, there would be a lot of only children in the world!

    Take it easy and feel better!

  2. I love The Lady of Shallot! Have you heard the song (based on the poem) by Loreena McKinnett? It's haunting and beautiful.

    Sorry for the pain, I hope the pain eases soon.

  3. Love, love, love that painting!

    I remember well the pain-in-the-ass of the last six weeks. Literal, ass pain we're talking here! It's hard at the end. Go slow. If you think you're being "having a good day" you're doing too much and will pay for the next 3 days :( The good news is you forgets all about it after the baby comes and you're sore in all new places :)

  4. You really, really wanted this. And in 3 weeks you will have a screaming, pooping bundle of joy! And sore, cracked nipples. LOL. HUGS. Don't overdo it!

  5. Sweetie, it doesn't matter how much you want it. By this time, your body is screaming for it to be done. {{{Hugs}}}

  6. I LOVE that piece, but you know that! I also love Van Gough's Starry Night

  7. A print of that same image is in my living room. Rumor has it that Waterhouse may be a distant distant relative of my husbands, which I didn't know until after I fell in love with his work. : )


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