Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Blog Challenge Day 7: A Picture That Makes Me Smile

Greetings Humble Readers!  I hope you are all well!

Today's assignment is to share a picture that makes me smile. 

I have a lot of pictures on my computer that are happy pictures, but the one I am sharing today is actually the picture I have decided to use as my focal point during labour.
View from Top of the Rock
I know it doesn't seem like much, but this picture is one of my favourites from our trip to NYC last year. 

It was our first morning in the city, and we had started the day in Times Square.  I was dealing with a lot of sensory overload, with all the billboards, people, cars, etc.  We made our way to Rockefeller Center, just gaping like typical tourists at everything around us.  I wasn't really keen on it, but my Beloved really wanted to see the Top of the Rock, so up up up we went. 

When we finally reached the observation deck, I was blown away.  I remember just standing there, staring out at the city.  It was so quiet.  There were hardly any people up there at that time of day, and it was incredible to just look out over the city and take it all in.  It seems strange to say it, but it was so amazingly peaceful.  It was the first moment that it really struck me that we were in New York.


  1. Very cool. I can't wait to visit New York someday!


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