Monday, October 25, 2010

Blog Challenge Day 5: 20 Favourite Things

Howdy again Humble Readers...

As I warned you, two posts in one day!  If you are looking for my weekly Halfling update, scroll down. 

For the Blog Challenge, today is "20 Favourite Things" day...
  1. Chocolate & peanut butter
  2. School supplies (notebooks, paper, pens, pencils, etc)
  3. Cookbooks & recipe magazines
  4. The scents of lavendar, vanilla, and ginger (not necessarily all together, tho)
  5. Broadway musicals
  6. Period movies
  7. the colour Red
  8. Christmas
  9. Trying out new recipes
  10. Raspberry leaf tea (a new love!)
  11. Discovering a new (to me) author
  12. Venti, non-fat, light ice, iced chai
  13. Sushi
  14. Big messy cheeseburgers
  15. My Yankees sweatshirt
  16. Stripey socks
  17. Cooking & cop shows (again, not together, altho that would be interesting to see)
  18. my Wii
  19. Fountain pens
  20. Kitchen gadgets
What are some of your favourite things?


  1. Regarding...
    #1...have you tried the Reese's Peanut Butter Chocolate puff cereal?

    #14...if you are ever near a Cook-Out fast food place, try their double cheddar burger.

    We have a ton of other ones in common.

  2. I love cookbooks!!

    I have a Collection of them!!!

    Now I just need a bigger kitchen!

    Happy ICLW

  3. great post! Mmmm...chocolate and peanutbutter.

  4. Wow, so many of your fave things are MY fave things toooooo! Now you made me want a chai, and chocolate and lots of other things too. :P

  5. We have quite a few "favorite things" in common. There is nothing better than PB and chocolate and I have enough pens, pencils, notebooks etc to last my kid though middle school. It's kind of crazy! My favorite Broadway musical is RENT followed by Wicked. Oh, and Sushi. Yum. I need to get some.......
    Also on the list would be pumpkin anything and hummus :)


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