Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Experiment in Progress

Hey Humble Readers...

****Warning!  Foodie Insanity Ahead****

I was feeling inspired today (for the first time in a while) and I'am trying something new for dinner tonight. 

I came across a recipe online for a coffee braised pot roast, and I was intrigued.  Earthy coffee, earthy beef... and the recipe calls for onions, garlic, and mushrooms.  Most of the comments I read were either "I love it" or "I hate it".  I'm taking a risk here, but chuck roast is cheap so I thought what the hell... worst case scenario, I use the leftovers for soup. 

I tweaked the recipe a bit, adding some seasoning to the roast itself before I seared it off, and some worchestershire for extra beefiness. 

We'll see how it turns out, but if it tastes half as good as it smells it will be a great dinner.  If it works out well, I'll post my version here. 

Cross your fingers for me!


  1. mmmmm.... this sounds delish! Can't wait to hear how it turns out!

  2. Roasts can be fun because you throw it all in and just let the meet seep it up :) let us know how it ends up!

  3. Oooo....I'm curious to know how it comes out.


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