Monday, August 2, 2010

23 Weeks: Halfling Report

Good Evening Humble Readers...

I really want to say something profound here, but I'm pooped.  Hopefully tomorrow I will be more energetic and interesting.  In the mean time... here's the latest on the Halfling!

How far along? 23w0d

Maternity clothes?  Absolutely... I'm finding that even my bella bands are starting to get a little tight.  I've probably only got another few weeks to use them.  One pair of my jeans is finally starting to get a little snug, too.

Body Oddities?  Oh man...constipation and bloating have returned with a vengance.  Heartburn has been horrible!  I actually had to leave work early a couple of days ago because it was so awful.  And last, but certainly not least (tmi warning here)... I think 'leaking' is going to be happening sooner rather than later.  The last few days the girls have been doing some pretty weird stuff. 

Sleep?  Much better this week!  I have been able to fall back to sleep easily after my 3am trip to the bathroom most nights.  I've actually gotten some really good rest, and my Beloved has commented that he likes waking up with me beside him (something that has become rare in the last couple of months).

Best moment this week? Church on Sunday morning... telling a couple of people who hadn't known that I was pregnant.  The looks on their faces were priceless!  I know I'm not showing all that much, people who don't know just think I've gains some more weight.  I just love surprising people like that...

Worst moment?  Sunday night, after work.  It was our monthly changeover at the store (changing all the displays and promos) and I overdid it a bit.  I ended up in a lot of pain, and was feeling a bit sorry for myself.

Movement?  I'm starting to recognize patterns in the Halfling's movements.  S/he is pretty active mid morning, and then again late afternoon and early evenng.


Rings?  Still on...

Gender? Not going to find out, but I think it's a boy

Intense Dreams?  Holy crap have they been weird!  They've become like twisted movies in which I'm the star.  For example, there was one where I was a part of an all-girl jewellry heist crew where I was sneaking into houses and jewellry stores stealing diamonds and emeralds.  Nuts!

Medical Concerns? High blood pressure (on 50mg Trandate/Lobetalol three times a day). I will be going for multiple (3+) GD tests... yuck!

What I miss?  Venti non-fat iced Chai lattes... good heavens I want one!

What I look forward to?  Continuing work on the nursery (bought the paint and curtains this week), ordering the crib, my Beloved's nephew's wedding next weekend

Emotional State? Oh Humble Readers... I have been a mess!  Crying at the drop of a hat, cranky beyond belief... even one of my staff commented on that.   Am I ever going to be normal again?


  1. You will never be the same, and you know you love it!

  2. Woohaa! Glad Halfling is doing so good.

    I am craving for somethings too, and I know I will get to have them only post-birth.

    Take care of that BP, will you? I am happy that Ms. Sleep is getting better!

    God Bless!

  3. --PB cups...Yummy!

    --Hang in there! I was super duper emotional and cried easily with pregnancy. It will pass! (Though I swear I'm still more emotional post-baby than I ever was before...even though it's nearly 6 years later.)

    --Will we get to see nursery pics??

    --Jewelry interesting!

    Hugs! :)

  4. Normal? No. You'll be a mama, which is far from normal - it's amazing!

  5. How are you 23 weeks already?! Time seems to be flying by! Glad everything is going so well. Thanks for the lovely note about our house selling. Maybe you will be thinking of it too now? :P

  6. Oh wow, I've been away from blogland for too long...I cant believe you are already 23 weeks! I am just amazed! Hope things continue to go well for you and the Halfling :)


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