Monday, July 12, 2010

An Update on the Update

Good Morning again, Humble Readers...

Two posts in less than 12 hours... how is this possible?

I just wanted to give you a quick peek in on my OB appointment today.  It started out a little odd, because Dr. U is now sharing his office with a pediatrician, so things were a bit more crowded than normal.  Also, he had an intern with him today, which was something new. 

While Dr. U was finishing with another patient, he had me give his intern a run-down on my history.  His quote was, 'tell him the story... it's got a good ending'.  Have I mentioned how much I love Dr. U?   I gave him the story of our losses and how long we had been ttc, and what's been happening with this pregnancy. 

So, after the intern had all my info he checked my blood pressure.  It wasn't perfect, but it was certainly miles better than two weeks ago.  Are you ready?  Are you sure?  Ok... well, since you asked so nicely...

130/76!!!  Soooo much better than last time!  Dr. U coached the intern through talking to me about pre-e and what to watch for, and then chided me for consulting Dr. Google too often.  He wants me to do a baseline 24 hour urine test, so we know when/if things change later down the road. 

Dr. U is so great.  He celebrates every appointment with me.  He understands how I'm nervous and excited at the same time.  He always ends my appointments with 'I told you we'd get here.' 

Ok... enough with the love-fest.  Back to your regularly scheduled blogging!


  1. thats terrific that you have such a great doc at this important time in your life. someday I hope to find even a decent one for my day to day crap. lol!

  2. Dr. U sounds just awesome! And glad that your bp is lower!

    It's so great to have a doctor that believes in you!!

  3. But I LIKE love fest! He sounds fabulous, and I hope I get where you are and am blessed with such a fabu OB. Major hugs.

  4. I'm glad you have just a great doctor.
    WOOT WOOT!! on a good BP!!

  5. This is fantastic, what a sweet doctor! YAY for lower BP! Your hard work is paying off :)
    This post put a huge smile on my face-thanks for sharing!!


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