Sunday, July 25, 2010

I'm Baaaack

Good Evening Humble Readers...

My Beloved and I have just returned to our stifling hobbit-hole, and the suitcase hasn't been unpacked yet.  11 hours in the car (including meal and pee stops) is enough to break anyone's spirit.  The trip was good, and I will post pics and an update tomorrow. 

I just wanted to say I will be jumping on the ICLW bandwagon tomorrow, and getting caught up with you.  I have loved reading your comments over the last week and I can't wait to answer your questions (if you haven't asked me any yet, please do!). 


  1. Welcome back! 11 hours in the car not fun.

    An ICLW Visit from #107 (mfi, speedskating, strength)
    liddy @ the unfair struggle

  2. welcome back! glad you had a safe trip!


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