Monday, June 21, 2010

Week 17 - Waking Up

Good Morning Humble Readers!  I have missed you!  I'm finally starting to feel like some of my energy might be returning, and I am hoping to capitalize on that. 

How far along? 17w0d

Maternity clothes? Yup. I think we're going to have to make another trip to Edmonton so that I can get a few more things.  I need a couple more shirts for work, and I'm going to need a pair of jeans eventually.

Body Oddities? It's been a quiet week.  My lower back is pretty sore most days after work, but I'm not getting the shooting pain down my leg anymore (thank you wonderful chiropractor!).  Weight gain, or should I say loss, has been a little strange.  Up to 16wks I had gained about 3.5 pounds.  This week I lost almost all of that.  If I weren't pregnant I wouldn't think anything of it, I can fluctuate that much in a day with water retention.  Just odd.  Oh, and the sex drive that's been MIA for the last three months... yeah, let's say my Beloved is really happy these days.

Sleep? I feel like I'm finally starting to wake up.  I could still sleep for 10 hours at a stretch, but at least when I wake up in the morning I'm not feeling like I'm swimming through molasses just to get out of bed.

Best moment this week? Hearing the Halfling's heartbeat!  Finally!  Yeah, we had seen it several times on the u/s screen, but I found it last week Tuesday with my doppler.  It was perfect!  About 150bpm.

Worst moment? Nothing major, just some back pain and some appalling round ligament pain (particularly when I sneeze).

Movement? Not yet. I don't really expect any for another few weeks.

Food cravings? chocolate milk, red meat, and today I'm really wanting fish

Rings? Still on, but I won't count on that lasting.

Gender? Not going to find out, but I think it's a boy

Intense Dreams? Lately they have featured just about anything I'm reading, so I'm getting a bizarre mix of prehistoric creatures, butcher shops, and birth plans. 

Medical Concerns? Blood pressure is a bit high, and I will be going for multiple (3+) GD tests... yuck!

What I miss?  Sushi (I am a hobbit obsessed), and my allergy meds

What I look forward to: Feeling movement, my longer ultrasound on July 5th, reaching viability

Emotional State? The mood swings are pretty irritating.  I get crabby really easily (my poor long suffering Beloved).  I've had a few moments where it hits me that this is really real and I get pretty emotional and freaked out.


  1. glad to see you post. I know that swimming in molasses feeling...I get that with my diabetes. ugh. hope things continue to go well.

  2. Yay for coming out of the fog, a little! I'm just cheering b/c I know it feels good to realize you are! ;) Maternity jeans are a must-have. I got one pair and rocked them 'til the end. I got a high waist band that covers my entire belly, but I could easily fold it down if needed.. Awesome for a heartbeat and for an ultrasound!! And hope that RLP doesn't keep going everytime you sneeze!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog for ICLW (#22)
    glad you are feeling more spunky now!! Congrats on your pregnancy!

  4. I'm so glad you heard the heartbeat - sounds like everything's going really well. Well done you!



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