Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Spring On the Flatland

Good Morning Humble Readers...

Before you scroll down, I want you to take note of the date at the top of this post.  It's May 4th (Star Wars day, as I learned earlier... May the Fourth be with you!)... well into spring, wouldn't you say?

This is what my world looks like today.  I just took these shots from the warm-ish comfort of my cozy condo ten minutes ago. 

Not very pleasant, don't you think?  They are saying that the snow will be gone by tomorrow mid-day, but sometimes I really wonder about this place.  Nuts!

So, instead I choose to look at a little taste of spring that my Beloved brought home last week.  Have I mentioned that I adore him?


  1. You do live south of the arctic circle, yes? Snow in May, inconceivable!

    The flowers are lovely, though!

  2. LOL... yes, we are WELL below the arctic circle. One of my SIL likes to remind me that she has seen snow in Alberta in every month of the year. Freaky weather here.

  3. Beautiful photos....I'm a flower nut, and I absolutely adore your photos and the lighting....it's fantastic.

  4. Holy crap...snoooooooow.

    Love the flowers though.

  5. I went to school in Alberta and walked back and forth to the university, which was about 45 minutes away. I never knew what to wear - it could be snowing when I walked to school and scorching when I came home. Not to mention the WIND.

    Just think how much you'll enjoy the first really beautiful day! Soon, I hope!

  6. gorgeous flowers. No snow here, but it's been very cold for this time of year and very windy! Not really feeling up to much.. have a two hour interview tomorrow. I hope I don't pass out!

  7. I actually love that it's snowy outside yet inside there is a gorgeous touch of spring. The color on those flowers is amazing! Of course, I don't have to walk or drive in the snow, so for me it's all just powdered sugar fantasy. ;-)

  8. I adore your beloved, too, although not in the same way you do. He seems like such a sweetie! Can I borrow him so he can train my husband?

    I remember living in Boston and having snow as late as April - I don't think we ever had it in May. That's crazy. You should move to California! I won't tell you the temperature here, but it's not snowing or raining today for sure. I hope warm, sunny days are heading your way soon.


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