Monday, May 24, 2010

A New View - 13wk0d

Good Evening Humble Readers...

Oy!  Where has the last week gone?  Vacation time always seems to slip away quickly like that, don't you think? 

Today was my first day back at work in more than a week, and it kicked my ass.  Literally.  My back and hips are killing me right now.  I was okay until the last hour or so at work, but by the time I got home I was ready to cry.  I am really hoping that the chiropractor will be able to help me.  Otherwise this is going to be a long four months until I'm done working. 

But more than being my first day back at work, more than it being a holiday here in the not-so-frozen north country (Happy Victoria Day All!  especially to Callista! ;) ), today is officially the first day of the second trimester. 

This is my undiscovered country, my new frontier. 

And things look a fair bit different from this spot on the road.  Like I'm standing at the top of a hill that I've never climbed before, and there is an amazingly beautiful view in front of me that I had been told was there, but have never seen until this moment.  And while it's still a long way off, I can see my destination.  I know that there will still be some bumps in the road, but from where I stand right now, it looks pretty darn good.

I think the biggest change in my perceptions is that I am allowing myself to accept that the changes I am feeling in my body are really because there is a person growing inside me.  It's not all in my head. 

I'm still not ready to say that I feel 100% confident in this pregnancy. I probably never will be, but, I'm getting closer.  Hopefully, getting to see the Halfling this Friday at our nuchal translucency screening will help.  In the next two weeks I have doctor appointments coming out the wazoo.  Chiropractor, OB, GP, and the scan in Edmonton.  My GP mentioned something about a genetic counsellor soon too... who knows? 

How far along? 13w0d

Maternity clothes? Just did some maternity clothes shopping this past week.  I think I'm going to have to start wearing them sooner rather than later.  I'm really happy with the clothes I got, even if they aren't officially dress code (for work).  I think between the 2 pairs of pants, 3 dressy shirts, and 2 t-shirts (plus a couple of elastic waist skirts I already own) I should be ok for work. 

Body Oddities? TMI alert!  I know I have mentioned the crazy dry skin I have had on my face, but I'm now finding it in other places... like 'the girls'.  Freaky!  And let's not forget the incessant stuffed nose at night (and requisite chapped lips), the madly growing hair (of all types), and the bizarre full feeling in my lower abdomen.
Sleep? Still a little iffy.  I can at least sleep until 6am most days now.  I'm only up to pee once or twice a night now.  I do tend to want to crash after dinner, and if I let myself sleep then, I'm not going to be getting to sleep again until 2am. 

Best moment this week? when I realized that the second trimester wasn't an impossibility, and trying the fake baby bump thing at the maternity store. 

Worst moment? a couple of panicky stretches when I became aware that I hadn't been pukey for more than a couple of days

Movement? Far too early.  But when I lay on my back, I can feel what I think is the top of my uterus.

Food cravings? chocolate milk, and just today I started craving egg salad

Rings?  Still on, but I won't count on that lasting.

Gender? Not going to find out...

What I miss? my allergy meds!  Seasonal allergies have kicked in big time

What I look forward to: Nuchal translucency screen on Friday

Milestones: Second Trimester!!  Woohoo!

Emotions: Kind of all over the place, but I did just watch a sappy movie last night, so that could explain a lot.


  1. Ohhh egg salad. Now I'm craving too!!! Gaaaaaaah! LOL And it's ok to not be pukey're in 2nd tri so the pukeys go away!

  2. I can't seem to get enough egg salad. Though, I add avocado and cilantro to mine... yeah for milestones!

  3. Good for you for not finding out the gender of the baby - waiting until that moment is one of life's most wonderful surprises. I'm glad we didn't find out, though it made our families crazy. Somehow I couldn't trade that beautiful moment to make shopping easier for people.

  4. Congrats on reaching the second trimester. Hoping the news is all good in the NT scan. Good Luck!

  5. Awesome news! Your little peach on the sidebar makes me smile. :) The NT scan will be impressionable! Amazing.. I'm excited for you! and for movement, not too early, doll! Be still, 'concentrate' and you might feel some flutters / popcorn feeling.

  6. I am so freaking happy to read that you are in the 2nd trimester. It's an exciting time. Get lots of protein! Egg salad and milk are great choices and do a lot to get your little one big and strong. I think it's cool that you aren't going to find out the gender. The surprise will be so fun! Sending you lots of big love and hugs.

  7. Can I just tell you how ridiculously happy I am for you?? Really! I hope that you can enjoy every single second of this. :)

    Congrats on 13 weeks, my friend! Only 27 or so to go! ;p

    BTW: Can you take anything for your allergies? Down here in the USofA, after reaching the 2nd Tri, sometimes there are a few more alternatives that the docs can tell you about. Something to think about...

  8. I am soo happy for you! woohoo!!

    Can you try a neti pot for your allergies? It does wonders for mine!

    And thanks for the Happy Victoria day. lol! 4 day weekend ahead of me! Friday I have an interview so hopefully it goes well! Then I have the rest of the weekend to enjoy!

  9. Hurray for the second trimester!

  10. 2nd trimester----woot woot! Can't wait to read about Friday's appointment, I'm excited for you!

    And kudos to you and your Beloved for waiting to find out the gender. I did NOT have the patience to be suprised with Em... I admire those who wait it out. :)

  11. I'm so excited for you that you're in the second trimester. It's fantastic you got the chance to try the fake 'baby bump' thing. Hoping the NT scan goes well this Friday and that your back gets fixed by your chiro!! Also thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog, you are such a lovely friend

  12. I'm excited you're not finding out! We didn't either, it feels like a fellowship since so many people do find out these days.
    I craved nachos with my oldest.
    : )

  13. I am so over the moon with excitement for you! Time for a happy dance!


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