Monday, April 12, 2010

Here Comes The Rain Again

Good Evening Humble Readers...

I don't want this post to sound whiny or attention seeking, but I need to acknowledge what I'm feeling in hopes of getting rid of it.

Humble Readers, today I'm scared. 

My symptoms have been slowly fading over the last couple of days.  Mostly I'm just tired with a bit of sore b00bs and nausea.  I was hardly hungry at all today, not even really bloated.  More like tww symptoms than pregnancy symptoms. 

The pharmacist warned me that the prometrium could affect my mood in a negative way, so maybe that's part of what I'm feeling.  I'm trying to stay objective and rational.

When I read this morning's email from the What To Expect website, about the halfling's development (about developing elbows and knees) it hit me that this is the last development email I read LAST TIME. 

And yes, I'm seeing those words, LAST TIME, in all caps.  It's like those words are floating around behind me, hitting me between the shoulder blades every now and then, just waiting to knock me down. 

One week... seven days... 168-ish hours...

I can do this... right?


  1. I've got my fingers and toes crossed that you get only happy news from here on out. Besides, even in perfectly normal pregnancies symptoms come and go. *hugs*

  2. Take a breath and believe.

    Symptoms wax and wane, prometrium can mess with that too. I never really had any.

    You and your halfling are in my thoughts.

  3. Try and hang in there! We're all thinking of you and rooting for you!

  4. I hate how losses tend to ruin any bit of happiness we may have during subsequent pregnancies.

    Yes, you absolutely can do this. And as far as loss of symptoms... it very well could be the prometrium. Technically, as long as you are on it the symptoms will vary from time to time. Progesterone is a bugger. It messes with you hard core.

    Hang in there. Just keep telling yourself, "this is NOT last time. It is a bright new chance, and bliss is totally doable."

  5. I'm thinking of you and the halfling! Positive thoughts and visions of a healthy strong growing bean. And p.s. What to expect.. Freaked me out. I cldnt read it. Xoxo

  6. Pregnancy symptoms do come and go, especially this early in the pregnancy while your body is still developing the placenta. The reminders of the previous losses are excruciating but they are not THIS time. Try and remind yourself of all the things about this pregnancy which are different already-I'm sure you can think of some. Crossing fingers for your upcoming scan to give you peace of mind.

  7. You can do it honey. We are all here and pulling for you. {{{Hugs}}} and prayers.

  8. Yes, you CAN do this, Mrs. day at a time. Praying, praying, praying!

  9. I agree - pregnancy symptoms come and go. It doesn't necessarily mean anything.

    It's hard to be rationally about it, though, I know. We're praying for you and the wee one.

  10. as hard as it may be, you need to stay positive my friend. Thoughts and prayers going out.

  11. You can do this.

  12. You can do it. Just take it all one day at a time. I totally understand the panic but my symptoms always came and went throughout the 1st trimester...It's probably nothing to worry about.

    Keep breathing, love, just keep breathing.

  13. Sweet Hobbit, you CAN do it!!!

    And yes, echoing the other commenteres, it is definitely normal for PG symptoms to vary from day to day.


  14. The fear is normal, the coming and going of symptoms is normal. That information is not going to stop you from freaking the flip out. There is nothing that is going to stop you from freaking out short of throwing up or experiencing the raging tits of wrath again.

    I hope that your symptoms get wicked bad until your next u/s!

  15. You CAN do this and you WILL this time. My symptoms come and go. Actually I have had NO sickness at all, my b00bs are not always sore. yet my last US at 9w4d showed all ok. Don't worry girl, symptoms are all different and we all get and don't get them. Thinking of you. xoxoxo

  16. I keep thinking of you, Mrs. G., that this is a sticky one. ((hugs))

  17. Sending you SO much love and peace.


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