Sunday, March 21, 2010

March ICLW - A Strange Place To Be

Good Morning Humble Readers...

If you are stopping by for ICLW*, welcome to the hobbit-hole!

Normally, on the 21st of each month I try to come up with some witty intro, but I'm honestly a bit distracted** and I can't think of anything fun and funny.  So, instead I will give you a bit of a tour.

This little hole is my online home, and it has recently been under some renovations.  New rooms have been added and there are more changes coming soon (when I find someone to help with layout options). 

The Quest - Every good hobbit needs a quest.  And while I don't have a ring that needs to be destroyed in the fires of Mt. Doom, I am in search of my own mythical creature, a baby. 

The Library - pretty obvious... I love reading, I love books. 

The Larder - A collection of the recipes I have shared here. 

I hope you wander the halls and find this a comfortable place.

Just a heads up... the Larder is still under construction, but I would gladly whip something up for you if you're hungry. ;)  As a matter of fact, why don't you tell me what you would love to have for lunch today?  I'm a pretty good cook and I always love a challenge.

*ICLW - International Comment Leaving Week... the brainchild of the marvelous Mel (also known as Lollipop Goldstein or the Stirrup Queen).  It's a great opportunity to get to know about a gazillion other bloggers, and have them meet you.  Click the green box to the left for more info.

**Distractions... well, just really big one.  For more info, check out the last few posts.


  1. Just stopping by from the ICLW & now following along.

  2. What would I love to have for lunch? Homemade tomato bisque, grilled cheese on artisan multigrain bread with fontina cheese and fried garlic and sage leaves,homemade cherry pie for dessert...

  3. I love your blog and your wittiness. Stopping by for an ICLW visit.

    Liddy from
    No. 144: the unfair struggle (male-factor, speedskating, life)

  4. Happy ICLW! Just popping by to say hello! But, if you are in the mood to fix me something...well, who am I to refuse. A nice plate of nachos would be great!

  5. Happy ICLW!

    Keeping my fingers crossed that the BFP is sticky one! Good luck!

    And I have to say that this week's menu sounds delicious. YUM! Let me know if I can stop by for a taste of the pork souvlaki! :)

  6. If I tell you what I want for lunch will you come make it for me? ;) Actually I had lunch at the Olive Garden and it was only so so. I will have to explore the areas of your blog.

  7. You know, Mrs. G, that introduction is a wonderous idea, and I love the titles that you've given your pages.

    You're awesome, and I pray that it's a sticky line!

    ((hugs)) Mrs D

  8. Just read your last post and am LOVING your outlook.

    Super YAY for continued BFP test results. So stoked for you and your DH.

    Enjoying your new "rooms," cool way to organize your corner of the cyberworld. And I would LOVE some potato soup, please. :)

  9. Happy ICLW :) I'm distracted too because I want to know what is going on with you! hehe I love that you decided to just enjoy this come-what-may. I'm thinking of you!

  10. I picked through your library and found quite a few books I'm not familiar with. I'm an avid reader so now I'm totally interested in checking them out.

    Happy ICLW week!

  11. I just had lunch but I could go for some dessert! Since I'm in the 2ww, maybe a healthy fruit parfait type something? With chocolate somewhere in there lol

    Super huge congrats on the BFP! sending sticking baby dust your way.

    ICLW #134

  12. I'm just stopping from ICLW, but I'm sticking around. The introduction was a great one since the the BFP distraction. I'm hoping this is a sticky one. CONGRATS! What a way to start off this ICLW week.

    ICLW #33

  13. Love the new pages and the titles. What are you wanting to do with your layout? Do you want to change the layout or just the background?

  14. Oh that last post looks like a great promising BFP! Hopefully your line gets darker!

    ICLW #59

  15. Happy ICLW week!! And oh my God what a surprise I got when i saw your ticker!! Well done my friend, I'm keeping absolutely everything crossed for you.

    ICLW #14

    ps: thanks for stopping by my blog too!

  16. Everything looks lovely!

    I laughed at the Mt. Doom reference.
    No good Hobbit post should be without one. :o)

  17. Congrats on your BFP!!

    That's one big distraction :)


  18. Hey there ! Congrats on the BFP ! Woo-hoo ! Love your blog & all of its rooms.

    Happy ICLW ! #57


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