Friday, February 26, 2010

Riding The Bench (Blame It On the Olympics)

Good Morning Humble Readers...

As the ol' witch (that would be AF) is packing her bags, and I'm still buzzing from the Canadian women's hockey team's gold medal win last night, I can say that the dark cloud that decended almost two weeks ago is starting to break up and the sun in shining through again. 

Literally, and figuratively.

And it's so much easier to be a happy hobbit when the sun is shining. 

So, this morning when I read Minta's post about feeling guilty about celebrating her pregnancy (and about bemoaning the physically difficult and painful aspects of it), I couldn't help but have a bit of a grin on my face. 

Before I continue, I should reiterate that this hobbit hasn't ever really been one for team sports, and I certainly could live the rest of my life and never watch another NHL, CFL, or NBA game on tv ever again.  I love the olympics, but once every four years is plenty for me. 

All that said, I couldn't help it when a very bad sports metaphor came to mind as I read Minta's post. 

We're a team.  All of us IFers, and our irl support networks.  We work together, sharing information and support, caring for each other when we fall, and striving towards our shared prize, building our families. 

We all want that chance to play in the big game, to have our time on the field/ice, to have a chance to score that big goal... of bringing a baby into our lives.

But we all don't get to play at the same time. 

Some of us are stuck riding the bench for longer than others.  Yes, we can get frustrated when we feel we've been waiting for our turn for a long time, BUT that doesn't change the fact that we are still cheering on those who are getting to play.

The only thing that makes riding this bench bearable is seeing fellow IFers playing their hearts out and succeeding... getting that prize.  The prize that I know they long for just as much as me. 

So, to my teammates, my fellow journey-ers on this ever lengthening road, please, when you get the chance to play... PLAY!  Enjoy yourselves!  And if you twist an ankle or get checked into the boards (lame metaphors, sorry), it's okay to moan, it's okay to take some time to nurse your wounds.  I'll even offer you a virtual ice pack, and help you back to your feet.

And listen for the sounds of us, still on the bench, cheering you on!  When you score that goal, we'll all come running, clearing the bench to hoist you on our shoulders, celebrating your victory. 

(told you it was a terrible metaphor)


  1. Nope, not a terrible metaphor, it was a good one! :)

    (and I'm so sorry about your socks being late. They were shipped that day so you'll hopefully get them soon!!!)

  2. I think it's a really good metaphor (and it did make me feel a little better!).

  3. Not terrible at all!! Love this! I stopped giving support by commenting (and blogging) b/c I had/have a hard time with it when I got pg. And it took me a while to realize, I had to keep my support for those "still playing or on the bench" and not abandon my community. I'm glad you're cheering on Minta, and equally know, you've got cheerleaders for you too! ;)

  4. Not terrible at all! I love it.
    It's a perfect way to desribe this community and I think it's great for us all to read this.

  5. can't wait for the day I get to skate out on the ice and hoist you on my shoulders!
    You have such a loving and giving soul my dear hobbit, it is truly wonderful to see (hear).

  6. Awwww, I'm with the others----NOT a lame metaphor, but rather a perfect one. Don't know what I'd do without the support through the highs and lows....and as you said, isn't that what team morale is all about? You rock! :)

  7. It was not a terrible metaphor. I loved this post.

  8. This is a lovely post. What a wonderful thought!

  9. Oy Girl! Yes! Yes in the loudest cheer...Yes for the light feeling that comes with the shooing away of AF, and yes yes yes for us bench-sitterz. We shall have our day on the field too! But till then, nothing can stop us from whistling, right?

  10. Great post - I love how inclusive this metaphor is!

    From the Creme.

  11. This is a great post. Out of the spotlight, I think there's even a bench for those returning to the bench for a second round.

    Best of luck!

    (Arrived from the Crème de la Crème list)

  12. Not a bad metaphor! This post was cute. :)

    (from the creme)


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