Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Show & Tell: Excitement And A Thud

Good Morning Humble Readers..

Remember how much you loved show and tell when you were in elementary school? Getting to stand in front of the class and show off your newest do-dad or tell about your totally awesome trip to your uncle's hunting cabin... so much fun, right? Well, guess what? We can do recapture that sense of fun as adults... just participate in Mel's Show & Tell 2.0!

So what am I showing today?

This is what I'm showing today!

It came! My new pot! And it's not just a pot... it's an enamel coated cast iron 5.25 quart dutch oven. From the Rache.l Ra.y cookware line. Woohoo!

Just think of all the soups and stews and sauces I will be able to make in this thing... Heck, I might even get brave and consider attempting fried chicken (I'm sure my humble readers from the south aren't laughing at that at all). I am so excited to try making my braised lamb shanks in it.

So that was the excitement last night when I got home from work. What was the thud, you ask?

You recall that this hobbit is a big time klutz, right?

Well, I was attempting to get the big heavy pot out of it's box, and it was being particularly difficult. I tipped the box on it's side, thinking that gravity would help me. Gravity is not my friend (you'd think I would know that by now).

The pot started to slide out of the box, and then the lid started to slide faster. Because I was hanging on to the very heavy box/pot, I could not spare a hand to try to catch the lid. So, my toe thought it would be a good idea to step in (pardon the pun).

It didn't happen in slow motion. I didn't watch it as it fell. You see, the force of gravity on something that heavy generally makes it fall pretty darn fast. But then, you knew that.

Yes. The lid to the aforementioned 5.25 quart cast iron pot fell and landed on my my big toe.

I was clinging to the chairback in front of me, seeing stars, attempting very hard not to express my pain in four letter words, when my Beloved asks me, "Are you okay?"

Ummm, hell no!

This morning my poor toe is three times its normal size, and while I can bend it, walking really isn't pleasant. There is a particularly ugly gash on my toe as well. When the bruising comes in it's going to be a doozie for sure. *sigh*

Now don't forget to swing by Mel's place and check out what the rest of the class is showing!


  1. Hey I just got my enamel cast iron pot just a few days ago too. It's not from Rachel Ray but from The Lodge. What I really want is a Le Creuset, but who can afford those? I'm excited since I've already made a couple of soups and a curry dish in it. I'm going to make beef stew in it next. Those babies are heavy though. I have to be so careful with it. I can just see DH ruining it. I've already warned him about it!
    So sorry about that toe. Hope it feels better soon,

  2. Ooh very nice! I want one of those. Hope your big toe heals fast! ouch.

  3. Love the pot, but sooooo sorry bout your poor toe! Hopefully, it will be better soon!

  4. sorry about your toe, but that is one heck of a pot! I need something big like that!

  5. OUch, ouch , OUCH!! I feel for you so much!

    Awesome pot (a dutch oven is on my to get list). I'm getting hungry just thinking of all the lovely dishes you'll be able to make in it.

    It's best feature? Stovetop to oven...

  6. Oh, my...reminds me of the time I tried to pull five or six sheets of peel-n-stick laminate flooring out of the box, and they got stuck and I pulled the whole damn thing off of the shelf and onto my foot. Those damn things are HEAVY! Course had I not been 'helping' my best friend consume some alcoholic beverages, I might not have done it. Alas, Mr. Realist had to finish the doghouse by himself.

    I lust after the Le Creuset dutch oven...but I'll settle for the Lodge one with the biscuit lid (we like to go camping, and I'm not ruining the good one in the fire!).

    Hope your toe heals!

  7. nice. Now I want one, the pot, not the big toe. Hope you feel better soon

  8. Oh, no! I am all excited with the package :-) but not about the toe :-(.

    Hope you heal quickly and show&tell us some soup soon!

  9. Ayoye ! I hope your toe feels better soon.
    Love the pot. I wish I could buy Food Network stars cookware and whatever they sell. What a beautiful color too, wow.

  10. Ayoye ! I hope your toe feels better soon.
    Love the pot. I wish I could buy Food Network stars cookware and whatever they sell. What a beautiful color too, wow.

  11. Oooooh, I love the pot but I am cringing at the thought of your poor toe. I have broken more toes than I care to remember and that sucks.

  12. Ouch! But enameled cast iron is so wonderful! Just be careful - it retains heat a LOT longer than you expect. (But the enamel makes it easy to clean)

    Hope your toe is better soon!

  13. I am in love with such pots. Food always tastes better after having simmered the goodies slowly inside, and you can also put in the oven, mmm...
    Congrats on a very smart buy.
    Sorry about the toe though. Sometimes reflexes put us through hell, don't they? I, major clutz, try to use ice to help the swelling go down and sometimes it even works. Get better soon.

  14. Oh that brings tears to my eyes just reading about it. It's a pretty pot though.

  15. I have the same pot in orange. Enjoy you and makes lots of good stuff.

  16. 8oh no!! you poor thing! i hope your toe isnt causing you too much pain! that is a beautiful pot though.

  17. I have the Le Creuset. I received it as a wedding gift along with a few other Le Creuset pieces. They're amazing!

  18. Wincing big time over here MrsG. Sorry to hear about your accident and the pain. Hope you are feeling a little better every day. YOWCH!

  19. What a beautiful dutch oven! I'd love to add some to my kitchen, we need a bigger kitchen.
    I hope your toe is feeling better.


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