Monday, December 21, 2009

December ICLW... Merry Christmas!

Good Evening Humble Readers! And welcome to all you ICLW-ers who may be encountering my hobbit hole for the first time. I hope you are all having an excellent holiday season.

Thanks so much for all the feedback on my chart. It's still wonky... FF actually moved my crosshairs to CD 14, which is actually a pretty normal day for O for me, but it doesn't fit to what I see on my chart. Temp-wise, anyway. Who knows... I'll start testing sometime around Christmas, and keep testing every other day until I get an answer either way. Funny enough, I'm feeling pretty mellow about this cycle. We'll see what the end of the week brings.

In other news...

I forced myself to stay away from the blogosphere all day today, until my wrapping was done. I have to say that this was not my best year for Christmas wrap. I will admit, when it comes to gift wrapping, I have a tendancy to channel Martha. I'm a perfectionist, and I will usually happily spend several hours tying beautiful bows out of carefully colour coordinated ribbon for all my gifts. I will make sure that I have gift boxes so that wrapping is easier. Normally, I choose my giftwrap early, find the ribbon to go with it, get all my needed tools, pop in a movie and enjoy the process.

But this is not a typical year. I'm running out of time. I've run out of energy.


four days before Christmas...

I attempted to wrap a baseball cap...

without a box.

Someone please medicate me.

Oh, and if I hear "Santa Baby" one more time, I might move in with the


  1. I want to ovulate on day 14...can I have your body instead??

  2. Oh a fellow Lover-of-Wrapping! Don't be too hard on yourself. I'm not into it either this year. Hope your Christmas is a lovely one no matter what unfolds.

    I'll be away but I'll have to try and check up on you and see what happens with this cycle.

  3. I'm a very lazy Christmas person - it mostly stems from the fact that I really don't like christmas but the one thing I do like doing is wrapping, I find it theraputic to neatly fold and stick and tie and curl. I was very organised this year - I had 95% of it done before December the 1st (crazy, I know!).

    If I don't get a chance to pop back in and say hi beforehand,have a lovely Christmas :)

  4. LOL @ wrapping the baseball hat without a box. LOVE IT! I too love to Martha wrap but didn't this goes on!!! Hope you have a great holiday!

  5. lmao @ moving in with the grinch, lol lol.

    i hope the rest of your week goes well

    iclw hugs!

  6. I love wrapping although I can't make a bow for crap. That said, just not feeling very much in the spirit this year, not sure why. It's just been too busy, and my brain seems to have taken a vacation without me lately, perhaps thats why. Regardless, Merry Christmas and Happy ICLW!

  7. I lurve wrapping presents and putting them under the tree.Unfortuneatly we have had such a bad year financially that we are having a NO PRESENT Christmas. I'm afraid that I may turn into a Grinch never mind move in with him. Hahaha! :-)

  8. I am barren and dont' know about ovulating and TTC. But I wish you luck!

    I also recommend a gift bag for a baseball hat!

    Blessings to you and your family as you TTC!

  9. LOL...I tend to do my O around CD 19, and this time the CM spiked around CD22/23....jeez!!!

    Nopes, I won't have you moving in with the grinch...but wouldn't mind climbing down the chimney in your home! :-)

  10. Sending gift-wrap-jealousy vibes your way. I have NEVER been good at gift wrapping, much to my dismay. I envy perfectly aligned packages and perfect bows. The past 2 years I've let Em help me gift wrap...partly so I could blow off my crappy wrapping finesse and say, "Em helped this year!"

    My Dad was raised in Racine, WI. I saw Friendly the Giant on TV at my grandma's in WI. TO my knowledge, they never showed it in Ohio, because I only have vague memories of seeing him during the summer at Gram's house. :)

    Sending Christmas love your way!

  11. Hey there! Congrats on a CD14 O...that's awesome! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you get the bestest Christmas gift ever!

    As for the wrapping, I have two words for the baseball hat: GIFT BAG. LOL I usually don't like the wrapping part of the whole shebang, but my husband drove me nuts this year with having to put a damn stick on bow on EVERY single present. Even a gift card. I mean really, it's wrapped, why does it need a bow? LOL

    Hope you have a glorious holiday season!

  12. Good luck this cycle. I HATED charting and OPKs. My cycle is pretty much the same every single month so eventually I gave them up.

    I second the gift bag idea for the hat. LOL!


  13. baseball cap, no box. that so sounds like something I would do. Love it!!


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