Friday, November 6, 2009

Hobbit-ish Potpurri

Good evening Humble Readers!

Please forgive my ramblings this evening... I'm very tired tonight. Today was my last 7am shift for more than a month. Yay!

Breaking News: We now have a matched set of lamps in our living room. I know, nothing terribly exciting there. However, I have wanted lamps in our living room for as long as we have been married. Up until now, we have only had a small desk lamp to illuminate our main living space. I went shopping at the other day, and got the two matching lamps for $30 each. Very pleased with how they look.

My Beloved and I went to see the "Men Who Stare At Goats" tonight. Oh my, I don't even know how to describe it. Funny, odd, twisted and amusing. I loved it, but at the same time I left the theater wondering what the point was.

If you are a regular reader, you know that I work in retail. I love my job, the products we sell, and my staff. Today was a day that I had to keep reminding myself of that fact. I don't understand the mindset that says it's okay to cuss out retail employees. More than once this week some of my staff have had to endure verbal abuse, being cussed out by customers who were at the best rude, and at the worst antagonistic bullies. In what world does calling someone a f#$!ing idiot, or telling them to go to hell get you better service? I know everyone has a bad day, but that kind of behavior is indicative of how far our culture has deteriorated.

I love this time of year for new book releases. I have updated my "to read" list to the left. New Edward Rutherfurd, new Stephen King (one that actually sounds interesting), the follow-up to Graceling, and a long-lost LM Montgomery title. So cool!

I came across something rather random the other day. Does anyone know about the connection between grapefruit juice and fertility? Is it the same kind of thing as green tea or is there actually some study somewhere?


  1. Thanks for the review on the movie. I have been thinking about seeing it :)

  2. Congrats on the lamps...I know how it is to want matching things and when you finally get them it's like WOOOOHOOOO!!! :)
    Sorry you've been inundated with the crabby seasonal customers. That just sucks. Bookstores make me so happy that I can't fathom cussing out an employee at one! Let's just hope the bluebird of happiness roosts in their nosehair!
    Oh, and here's one article about gf's supposed to help with cervical mucus from what I gather. I didn't see any "scientific" study, but there's lots of "laymen's" info.

  3. Ok nothing scientific here but I really do believe I owe at least some of this pregnancy to drinking grapefruit juice.

    Long story short, I was waiting to ovulate for some testing, we'd hit CD 35 and nothing was happening, I expected another anovulatory cycle and was just praying it would be a short one rather than the usual 80 odd days. My naturopath advised drinking 500mls of grapefruit juice a day, stating that it was known to help cervical mucous and was thought to bring on ovulation.

    Normally I prefer hard scientific facts but it wasn’t the craziest thing I’ve done in pursuit of baby so I started on 500mls a day (2 glasses at night after dinner) on CD 36, on CD40 I got a positive OPK and ovulated on CD41 which was confirmed by ultrasound a few days later, 10DPO I got my BFP.

    There could be a whole boatload of reasons why my body decided to ovulate but I have PCOS and mostly anovulatory cycles (running 80-190 days), the ones where I do ovulate are actually pretty normal (approx 30 days total) so this crazy last minute ovulation was 100% totally out of the ordinary for me. I’ve spoken to my doctors about it and they are non-committal (basically they have no idea why it happened), I changed to a low GI diet around this time, I had lost a little bit (5%) of my body weight, I was exercising more and cutting out the caffeine… all valid points but not one stands out as much as the grapefruit juice does, especially given how out of whack it was for me to ovulate on CD41.

    Take what you will from that – I figure that next time I TTC I’m at least going to try it again – hell what have I got to lose?


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