Monday, November 9, 2009

The Hobbit Around the World

Good Morning Humble Readers!

Like many of you, I signed up for a An.aly.tics account. It's fascinating! I signed up back in June and I love checking what keywords (most are hobbit related terms of course) bring people to my corner of cyberspace and which posts get read the most (who knew that my Show & Tell post about the farmer's market would be so intriguing?).

But what I'm drawn to most is the map overlay. I love seeing where my readers are from. I know that a lot of people just click right through and don't ever really stop to read or comment, but I'm fascinated by where they come from.

Is it silly that a visitor from a state or country that has never stopped by before makes me happy? Probably. Do you know how goofy I was the first time someone from South America stopped by? I love it! My little celebration this week? New Mexico! Only 3 more states to go!

(Yes, this post counts as a 'nothing' post, just so that I can say that I wrote something today! :) )


  1. I love the map too. But I hate it when I see more people from my state b/c then I'm freaked out that someone I know IRL is reading. I've been surprised at how far away people are reading this.


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