Thursday, October 22, 2009

October ICLW - Q & A - Part 2

Hey Humble Readers... I hope you are all having a great day! It's been a pretty okay day here on the flatland.

So, you asked, I answer... (and by the way, you guys asked some good questions!)

1 - What is your favorite food and why? I have always preferred savory foods over sweet. I think I am too much of a foodie to have just one favourite, but I would probably narrow it down to one ethnicity... Greek! I love Mediterranean flavours, I love lemon, I love feta, I love lamb... need I go on?

2 - What is your dream vacation? It would be one of two places... first up, heading to the UK with the time and ability to do a whole lot of genealogical research. Second, to go to Tanzania, go on safari, and to work/help at the Masai Lutheran Girls School that my alma mater is affiliated with.

3 - what are is your favorite tea and what is your favorite herb? My favourite tea depends on the day. In general, I prefer spicy teas (chai, Market spice from Seattle, etc) over delicate herbal or fruit blends. That being said, I do have a big addiction to the iced green tea lemonades from Favourite herb... that is really tough! As I mentioned previously, I love Mediterranean flavours, so things like thyme, oregano, and saffron are big time players in my cooking, but I use basil almost every day... and lavender is just lovely (altho I have yet to cook with it, except in herbs de Provence). And of the above, the only one I have been able to grow successfully is lavender.

4 - If you could sit down and have a conversation with anyone (famous or not, living or dead) who would you choose and what would you talk about? I would love to talk to my many-times-Great-Grandfather, Frederick Barnes. He is the maker of the heirloom violin I have, and I would love to talk with him about it, and the others he potentially made. He is part of the reason I want to go to the UK. I want to find something about him.

5 - Whats your favorite, can't miss an episode, TV show? Oh my kingdom for a DVR! Again, my favourites change with the seasons, but I tend to get most wrapped up in procedural dramas... Bones, Criminal Minds, CSI:NY (I've grown weary of the others). And of course, I do love the food network. Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives, Iron Chef America, Chef At Home... all have inspired different recipes. Unfortunately, with my ever changing work schedule, I don't always get to watch the shows I love.

6 - If you could be one of the LOTR characters, who would it be and why? Far too easy! I would be Rosie Cotton! She did get to marry my favourite hobbit, Samwise Gamgee! But if you are thinking of a character from the fellowship, then it would probably be Pippin. He makes stupid mistakes, but is ultimately able to redeem himself and shows himself as a loyal friend, a brave soldier, and a good, albeit flakey person. I see myself in him a lot, or more accurately, I see who I want to be.

7 - what is your very best 'no one makes it as well as me' recipe? Hmmmmm... I have to say, I am the only person in my family who can cook lamb. I have a few really good lamb recipes, including the one I used for this year's Easter Dinner. Lamb is a special occassion food for us, as it is difficult to get fresh except for in the spring (and I can't justify the cost of New Zealand lamb). I also make some pretty outstanding tilapia, if I do say so myself.

That was fun! I look forward to future Q & A sessions...


  1. You're going to have to fight me for it, because I want to be married to Samwise myself. ;-) I actually dated someone who looked incredibly like the actor who played him in the movie. Seriously it was freaky how much they looked alike.

    If I had to choose someone with a bigger "role," I'd pick Arwen cuz she's the most gorgeous of them all and gets to marry Aragorn (who's pretty cute himself).

  2. great answers! fun learning about who you are now.

  3. Love the answers! I am lost without my DVR.

  4. I love the Q&A! Great way to get to know people (especially in blogland).

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog. It was nice to read this post and learn more about you and your love of LOTR!

    Happy ICLW

  6. Loved reading all the Q and A! What a great idea!
    I love that you have an heirloom from your ancestor. I hope you have (and take) the opportunity someday soon to take that trip and learn more about him.
    We have an heirloom in my family that's been passed down through (I think) four generations now. It's a doll that each person that has owned it has added something to. One of my great grandmothers crocheted the lace dress, one made the wig it is wearing from her own hair (which is kind of creepy in a way), someone else bought the pedestal and dome it is displayed in and my mother, who owns it now, made new clothes and shoes for her. It is passed down to the oldest daughter in each generation, which means it will go to my sister when my mom passes, and I'm kind of ok with that. The doll has been a source of nightmares for years for me! It's one of those creep you out dolls that watches you no matter where you are in the room. Talk about the heebie jeebies! LOL


  7. I've never been a big fan of lamb. Maybe I've never had it cooked the right way. I know the gyros we get are beef so I can't even say I've had it then.
    Sam is my favorite, on a lusting level is Faramir.

  8. I <3 Drive-Ins, & Dives! :)

    It's funny about your comment on my blog - I totally don't feel like I have any motivation. But, I guess I must have some since I'm still at it... so... sending some motivation your way!! hehe

  9. Happy ICLW. Loved ready through your answers & getting to know a bit about you. It's great that you have your ancestor's violin. I've been enjoying tracing my family tree & have one branch all the way back to 570 BC!

  10. Hi! Here through ICWL!

    You pretty much watch teh exact same things I watch. (Except the sci-fi and Hell's Kitchen.)

  11. I'm not into Hobbits or any of the LOTR stuff, so I can't really relate to that part, but I really like your blog. It's full of personality, originality, laid back humour and very interesting. I love to cook & am quite good with Greek and Turkish food. It's probably our favourite meal to go out to, and we are lucky because there are so many Cypriots here in London that we have our pick of restaurants. I love lamb! However, my husband generally cooks the meat here and I do all of the Meze dishes. Happy ICLW.
    Lisa (Your Great Life, ICLW#100)

  12. Loved reading these.

    I love cooking and experimenting with different foods. I love lamb but have never tried to make it. Maybe for a special occasion.

    Al (ICLW)

  13. Great answers! Thanks for sharing about yourself!


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