Friday, September 4, 2009

One Lovely Blog Award

My lovely bloggy friend Mai over at Salvagable gave me this lovely award last week. Thank you, lovely lady!

I think when I initially saw this lovely award making it's way around the blogsosphere, one of the requirements was to award it to twelve or fifteen lovely bloggy folks. And I think they were supposed to be lovely new blogs. Or at least new to you... hmmmm.... herein lies a not so lovely conundrum.

Most of my lovely bloggy friends have already had this award, so who do I pass it on to?

So, while this list is not twelve or fifteen blogs long, and they are not lovely new bloggers or even all that new to me, I think these lovely bloggy friends are wonderful and deserve to have their loveliness recognized.
  • Serendipity at Exploring Chaos! This lovely lady has recently quit her job and made a huge move from England home to Australia, all while in the first half of her pregnancy. Talk about brave!
  • Wise Guy at Woman Anyone! This lovely lady has recently been jerked around by AF but is now at the beginning of a medicated cycle. Keep your fingers crossed and send lots of good thoughts and prayers!
  • Sunflowerchilde at A Little Hope! This lovely lady has just had knee surgery and will soon be starting her first round of IVF. Talk about one thing coming right after another! Stop by and send her something to smile about!
  • Alana at Alana-isms! This lovely lady is a teacher and is in the midst of a very busy time of year! She also has a lovely little girl who is hilarious! Swing by and cheer her on!
  • Lindsay (aka The Steadfast Warrior) at Destined to Be An Old Woman With No Regrets! This lovely lady is only a couple of weeks away from mat leave and is frantically trying to train her lovely replacement! Stop by and let her know that she's in the home stretch!

I think everyone on that list over there on the right is pretty darn lovely and have great stories to tell! If there's someone you don't know, click over and check them out! Lovely!

BTW, while you're checking out the sidebars... check out that countdown clock on the left! Only 12 days!!!! Guess who's excited?


  1. you are going to LOVE NYC....I know I do, and I take the train there often!! Have a "lovely" trip :)

  2. So excited for your upcoming trip! Congrats on the bloggy award- you deserve it and more. :)

    I loved your comment. As soon as I saw your name I knew you'd say "reading" was your stress-reliever. I am going to order the Phillipa Gregory book you suggested in anticipation of some hospital time... thanks for all the support!

    Big hugs!

  3. Dear Mrs. Gamgee,

    Thank You so much for the award...if you see my blog would find your name on it...Thanks so much!

    I do need the good thoughts and the juju...wishing positivity for both of us!

  4. Thank you, thank you for the award!

    We have a saying in my family, "I love ya and I like ya too!

    I think you are LOVELY too!


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