Friday, August 21, 2009

August ICLW - Things I Can't Stand

Greetings Humble Readers...

ICLW time again! For those of you who are unfamiliar with ICLW, please click on the yellow link to the left. The Fabulous Mel can explain it so much better than I.

I wanted to do something a little different this month to introduce you to me and my corner of the blogosphere. I think you can learn a lot about a person by knowing what bugs them (I don't mean things like 'people who kick puppies' or 'bad drivers'... everyone gets annoyed at those things), so this month, here are some unique things I just can't stand...
  • when anyone shortens my first name to a single sylable
  • the way folic acid starts to disintigrate as soon as it hits my tongue
  • the word 'moist'
  • baby corn (really, who grows this stuff?)
  • the sound of someone chewing
  • people who eat while talking on the phone
  • the judges on reality tv contest shows
  • people who clap too close to microphones
  • late night "phone-dating" commercials (as if the women who utilize that service really look like the girls in the commercials)
  • bacon
  • movies that are filmed documentary style (think Blair Witch or any of the Bourne movies... I end up with motion sickness)
  • when a customer comes up to me, whilst I am wearing my oh-so-fashionable work vest, with my crazy big key ring hanging from my neck and my name tag, and asks me if I work there (usually happens when I have an armload of books that I'm about to drop)
  • puffed wheat
  • Mac and cheese
  • when commercials are louder than the show you're watching
  • that fake citrus smell that you get in some soaps
  • the fact that no matter how hard I try, I can't get my windows clean (they are always streaky)
  • my toes
  • and oh yeah... infertility!

So tell me, what rather odd things bug you?

BTW, if you want to know about our ttc journey, check out the column on the right!


  1. hi! i like our list - bugs me too when the commercials get louder.

    here's one of mine that i find few people agree with. it bugs me when professional females over the age of 21 are called "ladies" -- to me, it sounds demeaning. they/we are *women*... but what bugs me even more is when they are called girls.. women over the age of 21 are not girls!

    ok, i know it's just me.

  2. Hi, that was interesting to learn about you.

    I have to ask though, what irks you about bacon and mac and cheese? lol. They are so yummy.

    I have to agree the sound of food "slapping" in someones mouth makes me feel sick.

  3. I also can't stand when commercials are louder than the tv show. It drives me batty.

    I have a weird issue with having my ears touched. DH knows that if he wants to get to me, all he has to do is threaten to touch my ears and I'll freak out.


  4. The commercials thing is soooo true (and of course, infertility), and I submit for approval- containers (like paper milk cartons and juice-boxes)) that get soggy if they sweat. Ew.
    And Happy ICLW!

  5. LOL...That was so fun!

    I would totally second you on "when commercials are louder than the show you're watching" and
    "that fake citrus smell that you get in some soaps".

    What I hate?

    a. People with pathetic sense of traffic - honking endlessly, overtaking by the right side and smart assedness, and oh speaking on the phone while driving.

    b. People picking their noses publically or having a go at their crotches (men really!!!).

    c. Poor cell-phone etiquettes.


  6. digging a hole for myself - overtaking by the WRONG side!

  7. Ok I have two things to comment about on your list.

    1. WHY do you hate the word moist? LOL that made me laugh OUT loud for some reason!

    2. I wish I could hate bacon, really that would be one less thing I couldn't eat that tastes so yummy.

    As for what bothers me, the list really is too long for me to even start it....suffice to say ALOT bothers me lol


  8. I hate it when tv commercials are louder than the show. I also hate it when you turn channels some channels are lounder than the previous. Happy ICLW!

  9. Great list :)

    I laughed at #3 - I don't hate it but I can't say it without my mind going directly in the gutter! haha

    I really don't like watermelon. Yuck. I get a lot of disbelieving comments about that in the summertime.

  10. Hi, I hate when people tell you to do one thing, you do it, and then they tell you that it wasn't what they wanted you to do. I hate not being in control of many things in my life especially IF.


  11. Ha ha - great list!

    One thing I hate...

    ... next door neighbors who have impeccable lawns and make ours look even more trashy. How the heck do they get theirs so green?! Grrrrr...

  12. oh my God. too funny. I'll have to say I agree with most of the things that annoy you, aside from bacon and mac and cheese. couldn't live without them ! things that annoy me:

    the word "slacks" really bothers me.

    when i'm talking to my husband and his lips are moving, repeating what i've said...

    the comment, "why don't you just adopt"...

    over protective dog owners during dog play

    "oh your baby is really cute, where did you get her from?" ( i am white, my husband is asian)

    people that talk loudly b/c they feel the need to be heard/important.

    when someone screws up my coffee

  13. I hate the hard plastic packaging that is four times the size of the item it covers, and from which it is almost impossible to extract said item.

    When someone monopolizes conversation.

    People who ask personal questions.

    That's it, I don't hate too many things, but it was good to get them off my chest. Thanks! :)

  14. I hate the hard plastic packaging that is four times the size of the item it covers, and from which it is almost impossible to extract said item.

    When someone monopolizes conversation.

    People who ask personal questions.

    That's it, I don't hate too many things, but it was good to get them off my chest. Thanks! :)

  15. Yes, I hate it when commercials are so loud. Another thing that bugs me is when I write or email a stranger or a new organization and they write back and don't spell my name right. Can't they read what I just wrote?

  16. Too-loud tv commercials and streaky windows are the bane of my existence!

    To add one to the list, I LOATHE the word "Preggo."

    Happy ICLW!

  17. What an interesting idea as a way to get a glimpse of someone! Happy ICLW!

    I completely agree with you about the louder commercials!

    Things I hate?

    Drivers that don't signal.
    Grading really, really long papers.
    DVD cases
    Houses that a super, super neat (they should at least look somewhat lived in!)
    Therapist's vacation! lol
    Fur balls
    Cucumber beetles
    Progesterone lumps

    Gee, I think I could keep going! Who knew?

  18. I cannot stand the word 'gal', especially when adult women use it to refer to other adult women.
    No bacon? I know vegetarians who love bacon!


    HAHA! I love your list! What bugs me...hmmmmm when people compare your grief to them becuase they know someone who had the same thing happen tot hem. So they "know" how you're feeling. There is a way to empathize with someone without having to say it happened to so and so.

  20. You don't like bacon? Ohh man... I wish I didn't lol

    I hate infertility, too.

  21. great list. infertility sucks, huh?

    but mac and cheese?! try it from noodles and company. everyone loves THEIR mac n cheese. :)


  22. Thanks for dropping by - I LOVE mac and cheese and bacon - luckily, not very often.

    Mmm, cigarette smoke bugs me, and people who talk at the top of the lungs on cell phones.


  23. One of my biggest pet peeves is loud commercials. I absolutely HATE commercials. I will refrain from watching a show live, just so I can watch it on my dvr later and ff through them. Ever notice how many car commercial there are?

    The judges on reality shows are annoying as well. I refuse to watch "Dancing With the Stars" because of them, especially the French guy.

    Good to know I'm not the only one annoyed by these things :) Too funny!

  24. Thanks for the comment on my blog. :)

    I also hate mini corn, loud commercials and my toes...and of course infertility.

    Add to that list people who don't close their mouths when they chew, funky smells and chosen ignorance.

    *Happy ICLW Week!*

  25. I'd only mildy annoy you since I only do or like 4 things on your list...that's not so bad.

    I dislike beets, beets,eggplant and beets. And loud commercials and my toes.

  26. Oh! Do not go see District 9! I also get motion sickness from those types of movies and I could not watch it (I just blogged about this before I started hopping around for ICLW). I am so glad I can warn another motion sickness person about this one. Ugh! It was awful.

    My weird thing that I hate is bellybuttons. They creep me out. The worst was a few years back when that new IBS drug came out and they had commercials with the talking bellybuttons. Ew. I had to change the channel every time.

  27. Kind of related to your first item - I don't like my name being shortened by a near-stranger. Also totally agreed on people who eat while talking on the phone. But bacon? I live for bacon. Sorry! LOL

    :: ICLW ::

  28. Gabby, it completely is not just you..My boss calls us girls or the worst, girlfriend..Im 26, she's 45 WTF?!

    Mrs. G, this is a great intro post, Im not sure I can wait another month to use it ;)

    And a couple of things that bother me..People who brag about dumb stuff, people who aren't close friends that re-tell wild sexcapade stories, really INYOURFACEANDSPACE people..gosh there's so much more, I must stop :)

  29. Oh - I LOVE this list!!

    Here are some of mine:

    * Shortened text / online words - like LOL etc - I like using whole words and though I send texts like a demon, I always spell everything fully

    * When people don't say thank you. Courtesy seems to take a backseat these days, oh dear I sound so old fashioned!

    * On TV shows when they say 'coming up next' or when they come back from a break and repeat something that was just shown, I have a pretty good memory, I can remember what's happened on a show 3 minutes ago.

    I LOVE that your blog is called Hobbitish Ramblings - I have always thought that I had a lot of Hobbit tendencies myself!!

    Keep up the great work!


  30. I'm right there with you with baby corn. Who grows that stuff?

    Happy ICLW

  31. I super duper hate when people eat while on the phone. Ugh! Just makes me cringe.

    I also hate when people call my office and say "Uh, yeah, are you open?" No, idiot, I answer the office phone from home.

    Boy, it felt better than it should have to get that out!

  32. I hate hate hate getting my blood pressure taken. It is not right to be able to feel your heart beating in your arm. The word moist gets me everytime too! :)


  33. LOL - great list - definitely different!! I might have to do this sometime! LOL...

    Again Happy ICLW :)

  34. Thanks for stopping by my blog (don't be a stranger now)! I also hate infertility! I'm sorry to read/hear about your two losses. I know first hand how hard it can be...I'm praying for many more pregnancies and this time to live babies! :)


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