Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Heart of Glass

It's now almost twelve hours since my hysteroscopy and my sleep schedule is a bit wacked, so I thought I'd give you all the run down.

My procedure was being done in the hospital, in the day surgery ward. My Beloved and I left at 12:30 and by 12:45 I was gowned, braceleted, and anxiously trying to calm my nerves. This time I thought to bring a book (unlike my D&C in September) so I was able to distract myself a bit. Two different nurses came in and asked me the usual questions... when was my last AF, when did I eat/drink last, explain any allergies, etc. Then we were told that we might be waiting a while due to emergency c-sections. Oh, and one nurse took my blood pressure, which true to form, sky rocketed at the sight of a hospital bed.

They ended up taking me into the OR waiting area about 45 minutes later. Have I mentioned how much I hate being without my glasses? All I can see is colourful blobs without them and it drives me nuts. The anesthesiologist checked in with me, and told me that he would prefer to put me right out rather than locally sedate me. I was fine with that, as I wasn't looking forward to that half-awake thing. Oh, and he asked me the same questions that the two nurses in day surgery asked (as did the OR waiting area nurse and the anesthesiology intern). I'm glad that they are thorough, but man talk about overkill.

After a half hour in the waiting area they took me to the OR. The nurse was having problems with the gurney I was on, and it felt like it had the wheels on that cart at Safe.way that I always get. The intern opened the OR doors and I was blasted with Blondie singing "Heart of Glass". It was a little odd, and while I know it was mostly nerves, I had the most inappropriate urge to giggle.

We did the gurney shuffle (me trying to slide my ass from the gurney to the operating table gracefully and failing miserably), and then the fun began. Oxygen mask, heart monitor leads, blood pressure cuff, warm blankets, IV, and my arms being strapped down, the anesthesiologist saying to take slow deep breaths...

Next thing I remember I was in recovery. I had been dreaming about work and was honestly surprised when I opened my eyes and wasn't in my store. And guess what song was in my head? That's right... Heart of Glass. I was in recovery for about a half hour. I listened to the nurses talk about buying eggs from the Hutterites, and I was given a titch of morphine to help with the cramping.

When I was finally taken back to the day surgery ward, there was my Beloved, dozing away in the chair in my room. It actually wasn't until I was given some water that I realized that my throat didn't hurt like last time, although it did feel weird. It turns out that my uvula (you know, that punching-bag-thing in the back of your throat) is swollen to triple it's normal size.

After about an hour, when I passed the ginger ale test, the nurse took out my IV and told me I could get dressed. I had just stood up and was getting my stuff together to head to the bathroom (I had to PEE!) when I felt a gush of blood on my hand. I looked down and I had soaked through the bandage the nurse had put on when she took out the IV and I was dripping blood everywhere! For just a split second I thought it was coming from 'other' areas. My Beloved got the nurse and all was rectified quickly but not before I made a huge mess! Ugh!

So, we made it home and I ate a ridiculous amount of Chinese food (I was starving!). I've now dozed off and on enough to mess up my sleep schedule, but hopefully by morning I will feel more normal. I really have no pain to speak of, and my only discomfort is when I swallow (that uvula thing is still really swollen).

That's what I got myself all freaked out about... not as bad as I thought it would be. I'm glad it's over now. And hopefully, once we get back to trying in the fall, all will go smoothly and I might just have some happy news by the end of the year.


  1. I can explain the overkill. Everybody who looks at your chart has to ask these questions and confirm the answers with you. It's a requirement. I'm an OR nurse. I once had a pt get through 6 checkpoints before talking to me and she said "Huh. Well, now I think about it, I am allergic to shellfish." Screeeeech!!! Stop the presses! That's a biggie. The prep we use is based with iodine, which is the main ingredient in shellfish that makes everyone allergic to it break out and quit breathing. I had another pt who was well into her 60's and swore to me she was here for a c-section for twins. She wasn't kidding. I immediately thought to myself "Oh, I think we need to revisit this another day." They weren't being non-communicatory with each other, I promise. They were just doing their jobs!

  2. Oh honey - I'm so happy that the procedure is OVER and occurred without you remembering anything - too bad you didn't have some kinda hot sex dream or something rather than dreaming about work - ick!

    And I hope like mad that you have happy news by the end of the year. Sending you a giant hug! :)

  3. Very well written. I've never had surgery, but I could picture everything you descirbed. It sounds like everything went smoothly. I'm glad your recovery is easier than last time!

    Take care!


  4. I'm glad that things went smoothly, and that it's over! Take care of yourself these next few days.

  5. Glad things went smoothly- more or less. Isn't full sedation something else? Woking up was odd to say the least!

    When do you find out the results?

  6. Yea! I'm glad that things went well and that you were able to have yummy Chinese food and relax at home afterwards.

    Sending you hugs and hopes for good news soon! :)


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