Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Craziest Thing I have seen on the Net Yet!

So I came across this in a round about way. I was looking through the stuffed animals on my store's website, looking for any new elephant stuffies... yes, it's an addiction, but I digress.

In my search I came across the strangest stuffie I have ever seen. Check out this company: Giant Microbes. Yes, kids that's correct! Stuffies of bacteria, viruses, and other ookiness. HIV, Hepatitis, Black Death, Ebola, Gangrene, and West Nile are all represented along with the common cold, the Flu, and Herpes. Germs and illnesses, from the common to the deadly. I was honestly never so repulsed and at the same time fascinated!

Oh, and for all my friends in the world of IF... check out the Egg & Sperm stuffies!

So strange!


  1. I just love these, I think they're totally adorable (if a bit weird).

  2. Too funny.

    My MIL is a physician's assistant and once brought my daughter a "stuffed worm" from a medical conference. We later learned it wasn't a "worm," but was gonorrhea. Oh my!

  3. I've seen those before, I always thought they were cute! I think my sister and I bought one for my brother once, he's a bit of a germophobe and we thought it was hilarious.


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