Saturday, February 21, 2009

My First ICLW

Hi and Welcome!

While there aren't many posts here yet, I have come to enjoy blogging and am excited to be reading what everyone else is up to.

About me:
Age: 34 (when did that happen?)
Hubby: 37, often referred to as 'Beloved' or 'Darling One'
Whereabouts: in a small winterbound city on the flatland, within sight (on a really good day) of my beloved Rocky Mountains, in my favourite country.
My History: I've lived in three countries, three provinces and three states (I've moved 58 or 59 times). I met my Beloved on a very well-known online matchmaking website. We were matched on Valentines day, 2006, and were married in April 2007. My family history is strange and twisted (but then, who's isn't?), and in my past I have had 6 parents.
TTC: We have been ttc (trying to conceive for those of my friends who aren't obsessed with procreation) since January 2008. We have had two miscarriages, both diagnosed as blighted ovum. We are now waiting for testing to begin.
Oddities: I am terrified of birds. My darling one hates watermelon. My great-grandmother had 21 children.

Read... enjoy... be bored... whatever... :)


  1. Here from ICLW! Sorry to hear about your losses. I wish you luck on your TTC journey!

    I read your post below. After a terrible experience with Batman Begins, I have yet to go back to the movies. People are pretty awful as a collective...

  2. This is my first ICLW too.
    I won't go into the bird areas at the zoo. Lots of large birds in one netted area freaks me out.

  3. Welcome to ICLW! Be bored? By you? Funny lady! ICLW

  4. Birds... anything with feathers... anything that flies.. *shudder*

    And don't get me started on how moving to Florida was a mistake (where do all the birdies go in the winter???) :)

  5. Love your blog and great intro..Also, I had NO idea you could change your blog layout til someone explained it to me!

  6. Here from ICLW.

    I am so sorry for your losses. I had two miscarriages myself, so I know the pain that comes with the loss.

    How romantic to be matched with your husband on Valentine's day! I bet the day will always hold special meaning for you two.

    Hope you enjoy ICLW. I have done it for quite a few months now and always do enjoy it!


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